Multiple Attackers

When facing multiple attackers you need to keep moving so you don’t allow yourself to be surrounded. Use your attackers to block each other by positioning one attacker between yourself and the others, this way you actually only fight one person at a time. You can also use your environment to help keep attackers away from you or separate from each other by maneuvering around obstacles (could be a tree, car, chair anything). Against multiple attackers never go to the ground or do any technique that ties you up with one person this will allow the others to attack you while your busy. Aim for fast techniques that do maximum damage and that allows you to move on to the next person as quickly as possible preferably with the last person at least temporarily incapacitated. Try not to let people get to your back or sides stay aware of your environment and where all the attackers are at all times (easier said than done) knock down their numbers as quick as possible or of course if possible just get away.