Try first Private lesson for only $20 for an hour at my home studio in Brooklyn Center. Minnesota Kung fu teaches practical self defense (also sword, weapon and internal arts) classes in Minneapolis, and Brooklyn Center. Group classes, private lessons and seminars are available. If any questions call me at 612 558-8252 or email here (I don't always check this email every day though) contact the instructor.

Kasilean Kung Fu:                                                                                                                                                                                                                               For 22 years I just called what I taught kung fu, but if you check my background page you will see I've been influenced by a lot more than kung fu. So to better reflect the styles that have influenced me and the uniqueness of what I teach (I've always written my own curriculum) I came up with the name Kasilean kung fu, I use the term kung fu instead of martial arts to acknowledge the influence of Chinese martial arts on what I do, and Kasilean for some of the other styles that have affected me most ka = kali, sil = pencak silat, ean = European martial arts.  

Focus areas: any of the following areas can be focused on or combined to meet your personal goals

Self defense

This includes all types of striking, joint locks, throws, tactics, defense against weapons, and multiple attackers. 


Martial arts flow and attributes: Practiced in a relaxed manner this has a feel similar to Tai Chi but without having to learn forms, not just for older people but anyone that wants to improve attributes without the focus on self defense. You learn individual techniques/drills that can be combined into longer flows, improves coordination, body mechanics, balance, power generation, speed, and relieves stress. Includes moves from Tai Chi, Bagua, Chi Kung and more, can be done by itself or in combination with self defense aspects 

Cardio and strength: This is done by working fundamentals, striking combinations, footwork, Etc. has a similar benefit to doing a kickboxing class but more variety of moves. Improve endurance, strength and burn calories.

Sword and weapons training and making: Is also available including adventures in cardboard style games/duelling and cardboard sword making or a martial arts focus on practical, and historical use of both European and Asian weapons, you can also do a combination of both the games and real usage.

Private lesson Information:
Private lessons are available for guitar or martial arts (prices are for martial arts call for guitar lesson prices) an advantage of privates is we can focus on whatever your interest is whether that's a certain style, or a blend of the focus areas listed above. Cost is $40/hr. or $25/half hour Two people can share a private lesson at no additional cost. Additional discounts can be had for bulk purchases. The private lessons are held at my home in Brooklyn Center, though I will come to you or another location for an additional charge to be determined by the distance travelled (teaching privates at my home allows me to keep my prices $15-25 cheaper as I don't have a room rental fee) Please call 612 558-8252 or contact the instructor for scheduling or addtional details.

Day Camps, Special events, Seminars: I can work with you to create a custom event focused on specific styles or any of the above listed areas self defense, weapons, health, Etc. Cost will be determined on an individual basis but I always try to keep my prices fair and affordable.  

Each summer I will also be working in games and duelling lots of kids :) at Adventures in Cardboard (kids camps) If you have kids check out their website  for some cool offerings

Group classes and costs: I'm open to offering group classes again in the future but when covid hit I discontinued group classes (other than when I guest teach at other schools) and at this time I'm only offering private lessons

Locations: Private lessons will be held at my home (unless another location is agreed on) 6213 Perry Ave N Brooklyn Center MN 55429 group classes will be held at different locations, the 3rd Friday of the month 9Am I also guest teach Bagua/Chi Kung at Tai Chi larkers meet up group at Van Cleve park inside in winter outside in summer. seminars and day camps can be held at any location.

Kasilean Kung Fu: Health and Self Defense Brooklyn Center/Uptown

all of the classes listed below are examples of classes I've taught and areas that I can cover in upcoming group classes/seminars or private lessons. My basic class in my style is a unique blend of dozens of different martial arts styles (see my background page for a list) along with my own drills, teaching practical self defense techniques while also improving skills such as coordination, speed, power, tactics and more. We will work on individual techniques, combinations and partner drills. All levels of ability are welcome, the teaching is aimed at adults and teens 

Sword and Weapons: Fighting,Sparring/Duelling and Historical use

 You can study this in two different ways with more of a focus on sparring, cooridination, and practical sword use and how it transfers to empty hand fighting.The other way to study sword/weapons would be from a historical/traditional martial arts perspective with me showing techniques from historical European manuals (I used to teach a HEMA type class) or traditional martial arts styles including various Kung Fu styles, Kali and Pencak Silat. this can also include stick, knife, staff and other weapons. Of course you can do a blend of practical, sparring and historical/traditional martial arts or focus on one.

Martial arts flow/Tai Chi in Brooklyn Center

This class will combine exercises/moves from a number of different arts with the overall feel of Tai Chi (relaxed and flowing) but not just for older people, focus will be on improving health along with balance, cooridination, understanding of body mechanics, relieving stress Etc. you will learn many individual drills that can be done at different levels of difficulty and combined in near endless sequences so each person will learn the same fundamentals but can then individualize it for their own needs, limitations and level rather than everyone learning one form. Best choice to get started if trying to recover from an injury or a long period of not exercising or if you want to improve your athletisim and health without the focus on self defense (though it will make you better at kung fu/self defense also as some of the drills will be the same but I willn't cover application in this class) 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need any special uniform or equipment?
A: No special equipment or uniforms are necessary for classes (if it's a weapons class I'll have a few extra to use in class but would encourage people to buy or make their own so they can practice at home). I recommend wearing comfortable workout clothes, but since the techniques are aimed at self defense they can be done in any type of clothes you just might not be as comfortable in jeans or something tight fitting.

Q: Do you give/use ranking belts?
A: Traditionally belts are not used in martial arts. (check training page for an article on blackbelts) This is a recent addition (started in judo in 1880s) as schools became larger and as schools held interschool competitions a need to tell the level of a student at a glance was needed and to match competitors of similar level was needed. Many schools use them also as a reward and extra income source. As my teaching isn't intended for competition with the emphasis on improving health and self-defense, And I don't believe in charging people extra for ranks/tests etc. I don't use any belts, Basically the only levels are student and instructor. 

Q: What ages are in the classes? are their kids classes?
A: I do offer private lessons including half hour lessons, day camps or special classes for events for kids of any age though if less than 8yrs old I would recommend a parent also attend with the child. But unless stated otherwise suggested age for the classes is 15+ with teaching aimed at adults and teens but younger ages can come depending on maturity, past experience and other factors talk to me and we can decide together what is best. I currently have no kids only classes.  

Q: Do I need any previous experience?
A: No special experience is necessary. Previous experience is of course welcome in all classes and outside techniques from other styles are frequently discussed. I adapt what I teach to fit the individual so if you have practical techniques from another style I will help you to integrate them into what I teach. 

Q: What about safety? How dangerous is it?
A: Special precaution is taken at all times to ensure a safe class environment. Students are taught how to practice safely while still learning how to apply technique in a correct manner. Techniques are taken slowly with speed added as you develope skill so that each person can safely and effectively practice. In my opinion these classes are safer then most exercise classes or sports.

Contact Eric

If you want more information or details, please fill out the following form and it will be sent to the class instructor. Please don't leave the message section blank, as I don't know what information you want if you don't ask (Your email address is kept private and only used if the instructor replies back.) Alternatively for a quicker response call me, at (612) 558-8252 thanks Eric, also if you don't hear back from me in a couple days in email please call as your message probably got mixed in with spam and deleted (I sometimes get 100 spam a day)